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MEC Shipyards is a mayor International ship repair facility, strategically located in the Port of Balboa, Panama. The yard includes three graving docks for vessels up to Panamax size, with over 12,000 sqm of fully equiped workshops.

MEC Shipyards provides scheduled dry dockigs and surveys as well as emergency and damage repairs. Offering 24 hours afloat top side repair services, competitive prics and rapid vessel turn-around.

With European and American Hi-Tech Production Equipments and High Leadership Management with combined 300+ years experience, we ensure high quality and just in time delivery.

MEC Shipyards is pledging efforts to achieve certification if its Quality System, according to the International Standard ISO 9001/2008, during 2014 with a Total Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Balboa Shipyard

Balboa Shipyard, is located in the Port of Balboa at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. The location of our shipyard is as important as the facilities that we can offer. MEC Panama at balboa location, offers a full "one-stop-shop" facility with three graving docks, one of them being the largest Panamax-size dock on the West Coast of North and South America.

Our facilities and services range from well equipped steel plating and pipe shops with computerized cutters, 400 ton hydraulic press, automated MIG and TIG welding equipment, grit blasting and paint spraying services, arc submerged welding, and much more. VESSELS ATTENDED AT BALBOA 2013

Dry Dock sizes
Dock No.SizeEntranceMaximum DraftKeel Block Height
1318m x 39m33m7.9m1.75m
1043ft x 128ft110ft26ft5ft 9in
2130m x 30.5m26m6.4m1.75m
426.5ft x 100ft
85ft21ft5ft 9in
70m x 17m17m4.3m1.46m
230ft x 55ft55ft14ft4.8ft

Type of Vessels Attended

Panamax Product Tankers, LPG, Passenger, Dredges, Container Carriers, Ro-Ro, Bulk Carriers, Fisshing Boats, Off Shore Vessels, Reefer, Tug Boats, Yachts and Barges.

Veracruz (West Balboa) Slip Way

Mecshipyards, is located at the Pacific Entrance of the Panama Canal. The facility consist of a slipway, with craddles capacity up to 100 meters in lenght and 25 meters in beam. Also they can sustain up to 2,000 Light ship tons of weight. The winch has a bollard pull certified up to 37 tons and tested up to 42 tons. The yard has up to 12 positions for vessels of different lenghts and beams, and a transfer system to located the vessels on the more than 15,000 m2 of yard area. VESSELS ATTENDED AT VERACRUZ 2013

16,301.00 m2
4 Rails.
4 positions for boats up to 40 meter.
2 positions for boats with 20 meter.
2 positions for boats with 70 meter.
1 transfer table.

Type of Vessels Attended

Passenger, Pleasure, Tug Boat, Bunker Barges, Deck Barges, Fishing Boats, Megayachts.

Shipyard Services

  • Vessel Dry Docking.
  • Propulsion Line Inspection and Service.
  • Tailshaft and rudder repair.
  • Propeller repair.
  • Hull Surface Preparation and Painting.
  • Certified Welding Services, both Structural and Shell Plate Repairs.
  • Hatch cover inspection and repair.
  • Crane Inspection, Service, Maintenance and Load Test Certification.
  • Life Boat / Davit Inspection, Service, Maintenance and Certification.
  • Main and Auxiliary Engine, Inspection, Scheduled Maintenance and Damage Repairs.
  • Turbo Charger Inspection, Balancing, Maintenance and Damage Repairs.
  • Cargo / Ballast Tanks, Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Coating.
  • Deck Auxiliary Equipment, Inspection, Service, Maintenance, Repairs and Parts Supplies.
  • Lay By Berth for Ship Repairs.
  • PV / Sea Chest / Cargo Valves, Inspection and Service Maintenance.
  • Shore Power Supply. (50 hz / 60 hz)
  • Main Switchboard and Electric Systems Service and Maintenance.
  • Electric Motor Rewinding.
  • Radio / Navigation Equipment Inspection, Service and Maintenance.
  • Marpol Annex IV & V Collection Service and Certification.
  • Marpol Annex I Collection Service and Certification.



1.5 Million invested on Cranes.


Freshly acquired equipments.


Crane list

145 Ton Crane
130 Ton Crane
130 Ton RTG Crane
310 Ton Potain MC205B Tower Crane
345 Ton Overhead Bridge Cranes

Equipment list

55 Ton CAT Forklift
2Bob CAT Loader
25 Ton CAT Telehandler
518 m Man Lift / Cherry Pickers
5CAT 400 Kw Generators Sets
7GS Pioneer Pumps
4Scissor Lifters
1CAT Back Loader
4900 Cfm Kaiser Electric Compressor
1900 Cfm Kaiser Diesel Compressor
210,000 Psi Aquadine x 4 dicharge Lines with Guns High Pressure Water Machine
40Western Technology Explosion Proof Led Brick Lights 11,000 lummins each.
42,000 CFM DryCo Dehumifiers
12Graco Airless Paint Machines x 2 lines each.
158,000 CFM Hartzell Ventillators for Confined Spaces x 3 distribution nozzles each
52,500 CFM Explosion Proof Force Ventilators
6International Truck
640 ft container chasis
620 ft container chasis
640 ft extendable flat bed


  • High pressure system completely renewed.
  • Dry Docks #1, #2 and #3, steel renewed.
  • Dry Docks #1, #2 and #3, surface prepared and painted.
  • Over 10,000 feet of electric shore power cable renewed on the yard.
  • New soft starters installed.
  • All breakers renewed and transformers overhauled.